Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Day

Dear Readers,

For some you may read this as the new blog for the new year. For me however, this is a new blog for a new day.

Whilst I understand the sentiment in wishing you all a Happy New Year. I have wondered if in making this wish, am I already providing my reasons for not making contact with you until the new year 2010?

Do I make new years resolutions? The simple answer is No. I have come to a point where everyday is important to me. Whether I spend those moments asleep for the whole day or not it remains important. We sleep half of our lives anyway so a day of slumber is not anything to be ashamed about, neither is a day focused on making those close to you laugh while not doing anything in particular. I do not feel guilty for those types of days. I really enjoy my Mondays, it sets my tone for the rest of the week. I do not have reservations for a day before I have even started it. I do not intend on losing productivity I intend to gain. This practice has put myself in a frame of mind that will enable me to deal with the unexpected.

I have witnessed some bizarre events leading up to the big celebrations. Comments in conversations such as I cannot wait until the weekend (it was Monday), or I cannot wait until 5pm when I finish work (it was 9am), I cannot wait until I go out later and the most popular I cannot wait until the new year? I have to ask will waiting for these things really make a difference? and what is it that you are truly waiting for?

It comes to mind that if you choose to wait too long you may never get to experience what you want. Happiness does not come to those who wait for happiness but to those who choose to have happiness now. Even a lottery win cannot guarantee happiness unless you had happiness in the first place. I stopped trying to win at long odds when my winning comes from short odds making someone smile. Telling those close to me that I love them for who they are!

My book is about the pursuit of a dream, a dream to discover who I am. We are all going through this discovery and we all have a unique insight into what brings us here today. Some experiences we are able to handle while others are more difficult then they seem. What do we do about them? Do we say we cannot wait for the moment to disappear or be buried in a false place, where we deny it exists and pretend to forget? Or do we stand up and be counted for it?
It takes a real character to face their own truths. I know I have had to face my own, that is why I am able to now release a piece of work that shares the types of experiences we have either had ourselves or at least experienced through our peers. I AM is accepting the bad and the good, the ugly and the sublime whilst still able to make mistakes. I AM is accepting who I AM. I most certainly do!

It may be that I will have to postpone the launch of my book once again. I do apologise there are reasons beyond my control. I will tell you however, there is a blessing in everything and it may have opened another new door. Had I not been aware at the time I may never have walked through it.

These great pictures were taken in Africa by Vanessa Matthews and her good friend Veneshia Talbot. We all have the power to inspire.

Until next time.

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