Monday, 27 July 2009

Dear readers,

I have spent sometime away from my blog page reading new books and writing the second and third installment of I AM. I have also begun my first novel which is looking very promising at this very early stage.

I AM will be released for the first time in Hardback with copies crossing the Atlantic as we speak. There is still someway to go before the official release however I promise to keep you updated on the progress.

In the meantime I feel it is important to continue to introduce new people to the journey of I AM around the World. Your help to spread the message will be very much appreciated. The photos are so important to the process, it has inspired me creatively and I shall let you in on the plans I have for those photos at a later date. Please keep them coming in I am constantly updating Myspace and the Facebook Group Page with all the new pictures.

I AM is about to embark on its first ROAD TRIP of the United States. Where it will travel in the great Ford Mustang and Corvette via Route 66. I look forward to the reports of its progress although I have to admit I am not the fortunate individual making the trip. A great friend of mine has taken up the challenge, it is something I have dreamed of doing and I guess a part of me will live that dream.

You can find his BLOG covering the tour at

Until next time