Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Our time has come

Dear Readers,

There are significant moments in our lives however small or great that can define who we are, our character and ultimately determine whether we have the capacity to step out of our comfort zones. My grandfather at the age of 14, bold and determined, approached President Roosevelt on a visit to Trinidad and coolly asked him for a job. There are other moments too, what about the 8 year old boy that had witnessed his mother cry for the first time and vowed to be a better man than his father could ever be. Or the young girl who appears to have nothing left and says defiantly 'I can do this on my own!'. Like Oprah, she can become the most influential woman in the world. I am certain in our own childhood we have aspired to be that great icon that can change the lives of many. For one of us that dream has become reality today!

For years we have all been guilty of finding reasons to remain in fear of change, even when it is for the betterment of ourselves. Sometimes saying goodbye to the so called family, friends, partners, or lovers whom only serve to undermine and invalidate our existence is the best form of hello to a new beginning. We have made the decisions to the absolute detriment of ourselves, and blamed others for our failings since we were too afraid to take responsibility. We have even surrendered in defeat and placed our expectations on the shoulders of our younger generation. So I ask is this a not a burden we have taken too far? Since our dreams are now over, does it have to be theirs? Can they not have dreams of their own?

I see some important events taking place that will begin to change the mentality of our lost generation. This event is called THE NOW. Whatever happens in the US from today, let us remember it will not be overnight. So it is not as important what Obama decides to do as President. Instead his example should be used as a symbol of what is possible, and how far we can go if we want it bad enough. It is now more important what we do TODAY and TOMORROW. He has taken a leap of faith and won admirers around the globe with integrity and the ability to restore hope! So there is nothing that is impossible! His position as a President sets a new precedent for each and every one of us irrespective of our race, colour and creed. In 1963 Martin Luther had a dream, I feel a part of this dream came true in the early hours of this morning! So what about our own dreams and are we going to wait for someone else to realise them for us? Our choices today will affect our tomorrow. So make those choices.
'Genius does not simply reside in the few, but in all living beings'.
Until next time.

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Ms. James said...

Intelligence matched with insight and the ability to communicate with others is an exceptional combination to have.

With a strong focus on making a difference you’ve removed barriers that stand strong around us showing your emotional side we’re allowed to look deeper into the soul of you.

A being of movement, you are evidence of someone achieving their dreams and ambitions of something much greater than the known.

Recent activities have shown that dreams can come true, that it is possible to break through barriers and achieve goals that we set for ourselves and others.

A special person that gives their time to all generations and especially the younger generation, trying to encourage them to aspire greatness and elevate to their full potential you hold wings in your heart that will shine throughout life.