Monday, 15 February 2010

I AM in Gambia - Day One

Dear Readers,

Welcome to Gambia.

Our plane arrived in Banjul at 3pm in the

The moment stepping off the plane signalled a statement of intent: We will work in 35 degrees of sunshine.

There is no time difference beteween Gamb
ia and the UK. This is the first time I have stepped off the plane not expecting any jet lag. Maybe the UK are running on Gambian time and not the other way round.

No sooner had I emerged from customs, I heard someone call out Mr Jackman. I turned to find a good friend whom I know back home. What are the odds? I knew she was in Gambia but I also know the population is 1.6 million!

The Gambians have welcomed me as their own. When asked my name, I replied Alexander.
Aha 'Alexander the Great!' they shouted.

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