Sunday, 12 October 2008

I AM - Around the World

Dear readers,
Sometimes there are not enough words that can adequately describe the support I have received over the last few weeks. I wish to thank all of my close friends for playing a part in this special experience. I have decided to upload some photos to explain the absence of my words.

These shots were taken on one of the paradise Islands in the Indian Ocean and you can find other shots from around the world in Myspace and my Facebook Group page.

This project began when Isaac Alabi, a very good friend of mine took an uncorrected review copy of my book on holiday to Africa. He returned with great photos of 'I AM' appearing in a variety of locations unique to that countries custom. Naturally I was in love with the idea and it is my intention for my work to now travel around the world.

While writing this I have decided to omit the names of the countries from which these photos have been taken.
There is always a moment when time and the names of things are not important and only those people or sights that exists in front of you should be appreciated... before language there is always beauty.

These photos were taken by Priya Sands.

Until the next time.

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